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Share Component Limited-Design and Manufacture Connector & Cables , Provide Cable Assemble service.Custom Cable and Connectors for Electrical Use.

Products:Connector & Cable

  • Medical Device Self Latching Connector

    Customize medical connector, multipin with push pull self latching system.

  • Metal Connector

    Security of the push-pull self-latching system; Multipole types 2 to 26 contacts; Solder or PCB contacts(Straight or elbow);

  • Cable Assemblies

    We could make various kinds of cables, electrical cable.

Cable Assembly Service

Supplier of high-performance, high-reliability electrical connectors to the medical,industries. You'll find our circular connectors in the environments from vibration sensors, advance instrumentations,flow meters, audio/video, automation, lighting, consumer appliances to general industrial applications.

    cable assembly service

Circular Connectors,Plastic Connectors,Electrical Plug Connectors,Push-pull Self -latching Connectors,Radially resilient electric socket, Alternative Connector,Multi Pins Connectors,High Power Connector,Electrical Interface,Radially Resilient Lamella Contacts. Customise Medical Cable, an innovative custom medical cable manufacturer with decades of experience developing and implementing advanced medical wire and cable solutions.

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