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New Clear High Power Automotive Connector Radially Resilient
Date:2015-04-07 15:03    Viewed:     Author:admin    
This is an innovative power connectors for electric vehicles.


The jack made by the curl twist into a dense inner core and with the support of hyperbolic sets.

This technology makes some improvements of traditional contacts, for its compact structure with a larger contact  area, demonstrating the superior electrical performance of the connector low rate of temperature rise, low pressure drop and a stable and lasting bonding characteristics .

Resilient Spring Electric Socket In applications of the connectors requiring large current-voltage transmission,mate frequently and high reliability.

Resilient Spring Electric Socket Widely used in the field of new energy vehicles, power transmission, power storage and distribution, oil exploration, wind power and other high-current transmission, has a lot of advantages over traditional currently leading a large current jack.

-High cycle durability Up to 10,000 minimum mating/unmating cycles

- High current carrying capacity

-Low insertion force

-High reliability

-Excellent shock and vibration resistance

-Small in size

-Self‐cleaning/wiping contact action