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Share Component Limited
Honest, Innovation, Practice,Unremittingly.

Share Component Limited specialize in Components and Electrical Cnnector Parts manufacturing .
Share Component Limited mainly engaged in the manufacturing and trading of Multi-pin Connector and High Power connector.
We have our experienced Mold and Injection, Metal CNC machining,Stamping, Assemble Factory in Shenzhen,China. We undertake OEM orders,a comprehensive range of design services to produce high performance, cost-effective connection systems available either off-the-shelf or custom designed. We design, manufacture, assemble and deliver electrical/electronic connection products to meet customers' stringent manufacturing and performance requirements.

We deliver the most safest, innovative and smartest electric connect components, including all kinds of plugs, sockets, extension cables, connectors to the market.

You can expect quality products, on-time delivery and friendly customer service. In addition to custom stamping, Share Component Limited is also a manufacturer of a full line of OEM electrical connector and cable assembies for the electrical industry.